Curd Smoothening Shampoo with Curd & Keratin for Smooth & Shiny Hair- 250 ml

Up to 100% Smoother & Shinier Hair | Gently Cleanses
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Have you also tried applying curd to your hair to tame all that frizz and dryness? Us too! But every time we try, we create a royal mess that drips and sticks! But we also love the smoothening properties of curd. Which is why we’re super excited for the new Mamaearth Curd Smoothening Shampoo, a unique blend of Curd & Keratin, that nourishes and smoothens your hair, making them frizz-free and shinier. All this without the mess of dripping, applying, and waiting.

Crafted to deeply cleanse & nourish your locks, the Curd Smoothening Shampoo gives you up to 100% smoother & shinier hair* after every wash. Curd, a natural moisturizer and a go-to in every Indian household makes the hair softer, shinier & manageable. Keratin, a fibrous protein, strengthens the hair shaft & eliminates frizz. The result? Smoother, shinier, and healthier hair straight from your dreams!

Wait there’s more. Our Curd Smoothening Shampoo is also Made Safe certified, which means no toxins or harmful chemicals, just nature’s goodnes


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