Eggplex Shampoo with Egg Protein & Collagen for Strength and Shine – 250 ml

Gently Cleanses Hair | Boosts Shine
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Chemical treatments, heat styling, and environmental stressors can cause your hair to split, look lifeless and limp. But do we have a solution? Yes! Now restore your mane to its former glory with Mamaearth Eggplex Shampoo enriched with Egg Protein and Collagen.

Crafted to strengthen hair bonds, the shampoo gently cleanses your scalp and hair while strengthening it and adding oodles of shine. Egg Protein in the shampoo boosts hair growth, repairs damaged hair and helps tame frizz. Collagen strengthens your locks and boosts thickness with regular usage, improving your hair quality in no time.
The best part is that the Eggplex Shampoo is Made Safe Certified and can also be used on colored and chemically-treated hair. Read Less


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